about us

They said about us:

I am a new student. I joined the academy just two months ago. And God was the best month of God on me with a concrete blessing in my time and in my life, not to mention the psychological comfort.

They said about us:

I do not know how to thank you for this great achievement God bless you and your livelihood degrees above in Paradise and look at the face of God Almighty and God reward you for us the best reward with your help I have done a great achievement reviewed and saved 5 five parts I was struggling to save myself during the years and time wasted me I have had a crown for me Achieving my dream of memorizing the Quran is perfect, but my joining the crown was for me the light that gave me the hope of achieving my goal and the reason for my happiness and changing my life for the best in order of priorities and organizing the time and workmanship and sincerity in the work I and my children apply what we keep thanks to God and help B T Koran my children involved and daughters you are the best company of valid May Allah reward you help us to do good.

They said about us:

With the difficulty of my health conditions. I am afraid to leave the world and not with me the Book of God. I asked God, hoping that facilitates me and easy way to save Fassagueni to you and thank God

When I read the words "only serious", I felt that God Almighty leads me to your organization and goodness in it.

The Holy Quran has all the credit for my health.

About us:
We have the rings of remembrance and we are in our homes with our children and our families. Praise be to you. Praise be to God. We have passed through the days we wish if we find a teacher correcting us even if it was a verse.

They said about us:

My study at the academy is considered a breakthrough for me. Thank God. I have always wanted to memorize the Holy Quran, but the individual is alone in his stupidity, lying idle and distracted by the constant preoccupations of life. There is a need for a program that obliges himself and brothers to be encouraged by them. Thank God, I found this in the academy. In it, God rewarded them with good

They said about us:
In fact, memorizing the Holy Quran is a project for my life for the greatest reward, and the hadiths and verses are the best proof of this. Since I started feeling a sense of tranquility and happiness, I am overwhelmed by all praise and my time is out of my work.

They said about us:

Before I enrolled in the academy I read the Koran and reviewed the parts that I saved but according to my spare time and without a systematic conservation plan and it bothered me a lot, but now I am thanks to God and then you feel very comfortable because I have a clear study plan on keeping the book of God, I am eager to enter and participate in my divorce and according to the time allotted to me.

They said about us:

Peace, mercy and blessings of God,

First, Ramadan Mubarak, his family and God we have you in Yemen, faith, safety and Islam, and we stood and you love and what pleases Him.

May God reward you well for all the efforts you are making in the service of those who wish to preserve the Book of Allaah. And I am very happy to join the academy, it facilitates many issues, especially not to move to the mosque because of its dimension (note that in my mosque there is no approved teacher, and in general rarely find the parameters of the metaphor in the area where he lived), and then gain time, The good by a teacher of high efficiency and create a cream and a large chest capacity, God's best, and regularity in the seminars of the Academy is a great incentive to continue to preserve and compete with students.

The new control panel is great and easy to use.

For me, thank God that guided me to join this academy, and so far did not get me any problem, not in the examination hall is not in the ring hall ...

Once again, God rewarded all the hidden soldiers who are watching over this charity work.

In keeping and caring for the Beneficent.

They said about us:

Praise be to God and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and his family and companions and after, I am honored and pleased to express my sincere respect and appreciation for your blessed efforts in the service of the Book of God. Through the Taj Academy for the memorization of the Koran. The opportunity is not compensated for non-full-time and those who do not have in their countries to engage directly in the memorization of the Holy Quran and commend the occasion of the management of the institution on its system of arbitrariness of seriousness and discipline and the timing of the appropriate classes in They varied between morning and evening classes taking into account the differences between different countries. As for me, thanks to Allah and its end, I managed to save three parties in a month or so, and this is a feat I am proud of. So God rewarded those who are in charge of this institution and those who work for it.

They said about us:

In the name of God and prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah

But after

Thanks God and thanks to God for joining the Academy has enabled me to:

- Sheikh follow the conservation and correct me Talouti

- Commitment to conservation without interruption

- Commitment to review

- Sense of taste after each test in the parts you saved

May Allah reward you and all of the good management and academic conduct and like to thank all our sheikhs and teachers

May Allah reward us all the best


They said about us:
Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Although I have only recently joined the Taj Academy of the World to teach the Koran, but I am very pleased with this experience, which I consider the best work for me and God Almighty. And.

I thank God and thank all those who are proud of our precious academy for the great efforts they are making in order to help this nation to return to the book of its Lord.

 I also commend the distinguished approach adopted by the Academy, which enables us to benefit from modern technology in the best investment in which one can invest his time especially for the part-time people. The issue of time is something that personally impeded me in achieving my goal of memorizing the Holy Quran.

The outstanding level of the teachers and their superior and brotherly treatment only increase this experience, but only success and excellence

 I consider this academy a blessing from God to us and also an argument for us to save his book.

Ask God Almighty to reward you with the best reward, to bless in your work and your times and to help you to what He loves and pleases.